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July 2006 Blog Entry
July 31, 2006

I just realized I have to have a blog entry for the month of July. Why? Um... well, no reason, really... I guess. I mean who cares, right? You don't--at least not now, if you ever did. Since I stopped updating daily, anyone I knew of who actually checked in from time to time has lost interest. I certainly can't blame them. I've lost most of my interest in this whole blog thing.

Still, something in me wants to keep it going. Monthly entries at least allow me keep a directory structure on my site intact, so that's why I feel compelled to do this one. Beyond that, though, I still have some ideas about how I might actually make future use of this little ol' blog o' mine. A few months back, I embarked on a writing project pretty different from anything I've ever attempted. Like all things with me, it started enthusiastically but quickly became catatonic. However, it's gotten a bit of a jump start recently and I'm harboring fantasies of actually making progress. If that ever becomes true, if I ever make real progress with this particular project, I'd love to document the process in this blog.

As a rule, I avoid talking about works in progress I have on the burners. I've found that talking about something you want to/plan to/are writing has this way of scratching the creative itch. Talking about it becomes proxy for the act of creation and you end up not doing the more lonely, intensive, and frustrating work of actually writing the thing itself. However, I find I write best--or at least most consistently--with some kind of pressure. Making a public declaration that you will complete something in X time frame isn't a bad driver of focussed scribbling. And beyond that, if I ever do finish this particular projects, it's a unique enough animal for me that I'd actually want a record of the process. So, keeping this blog on life support just may serve me in another endeavor.

We shall see, then, you and I. Till then, here's July 2006 in your face.

-- mm

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