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Beam Me Up, Jeff
October 1, 2006

This is priceless. This afternoon, while the wife took my 3-year-old girl to a birthday party, I took my 5.75 boy into town for lunch and a little window shopping. He had a rough week (really acting up at kindergarten) and I was pretty hard on him (cleared out all his stuff--books, toys, posters--from his room for a couple days... my "big" punishment). Anyway, I was glad for a little time with just him to get back to a better place together.

In town, we like to look through the Hallmark store. They have the Halloween stuff up plus a huge wall of Christmas ornaments on semi-perpetual display, so it's quite a place for a kid to oggle. Anyway, at one point, he points to one of the collectible Star Trek ornaments (yeah, I have a bunch... so I'm a big dork, OK? you happy?) and says:

Hallmark - The Transporter Chamber ornament

"Look, it's The Wiggles on an elevator!"

Yes, son. Yes it is.

-- mm

"The Transporter Chamber" ornament on

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