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God Finally Got Ya, George!


June 22, 2008

George Carlin (1937-2008)

I could say much about Carlin, but perhaps the most telling is this: he influenced the person I am. His silliness, his wit, his irreverence, his intelligence, his verbal dexterity, his physical punctuation, his limitless vulgarity, his trenchant subtlety, his fearless public persona, his modest private life: all these formed in my mind the image of a smart, funny person—something I have wanted to be since I was ten and first heard his routines. I laughed till I could barely breathe, yet still thought: God, I wish I could be like that. By being himself, he helped me figure out who I was. I have no doubt a whole generation of smart alecs feel that way.

Thank you, Mr. Carlin.

-- mm

Some classic Carlin bits (via YouTube*)

George Carlin - Seven Words

Seven Dirty Words

George Carlin - Baseball and Football

Baseball and Football

George Carlin - Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats

George Carlin - Religion

Religion is Bullshit

* - FYI... While I do not condone the copyright violation rampant on YouTube, I consider the value of an open cultural archive of greater importance. Besides, nobody's losing money here. You're infinitely more likely to buy a Carlin album or video because of these than you would be if I didn't link to them. 'nuff said.

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