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A Good Old Compromise by Matt McHugh

Romance doesn't always turn out like you imagine.
Sometimes, it's better.

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A Good Old Compromise

      There were five of them, which was two more than I'd been expecting. They looked out from the framed, black-and-white photo, dressed in everyday clothes, but with suitably impish grins.

      "See, everybody knows Groucho, Harpo, and Chico," Harvey began, "But most people forget about Zeppo—and almost nobody remembers Gummo."

      "Oh. Well. That's very interesting," I said, enthusiastic enough to be polite, but bored enough to make a point. The point was lost.

      "That's because Gummo was never in any of the films, even though he and Groucho started the family Vaudeville act. By the time they started making them, he'd already stopped performing and had become an agent. He managed the Marx Brothers' career very successfully for years."

      "Huh. That so."

      "Oh yes. He had some other pretty famous clients, too. There's a funny story about one time when he called Glenn Ford..."

      Harvey Kliegman was an old movie buff.


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